Singapore Yacht Support


Singapore Yacht Support

Superyachts in Singapore can now enjoy highly professional shore support services provided by Sing Yacht Support (SYS), a division of Parsh Marine (S) Pte Ltd.

SYS is unique from other yacht agents in Singapore as it is owned and run by professional mariners providing one stop shore support to Superyachts. It is not an agent in the traditional sense, since Captains can choose to sign up for priority service or request ad-hoc services as & when required.

Services provided by SYS are exempted from GST. That’s an immediate saving of 7{f9165a3886204c72718498183251ee4d303b53fb0ce4525ddf0ac30aa04242cf}. For some of the purchases that incur GST, SYS can provide assistance to make GST refund claims (on case by case basis).

SYS services are available to priority clients 24/7 at a small fee. There is no retainer fee and charges are per job or time-based.

A wide variety of services are available at SYS. These include:

Port Clearance

Harbor Pilot

Immigration & Customs

Arms and ammunition storage

Berthing and marina services

Office facilities (fax, mailing address, secretary service)

Travel solutions (hotel accommodation, plane tickets)

Transport solutions (Guest limousine service/chauffeured car/car rentals)

Shore excursions & tours

Day workers

Technical support i.e. Carpentry, Upholstery, Metalwork, Hydraulic repair


Technical stores and spare parts


Flowers, interior consumables & toiletries

Navigational charts and nautical publications

Crew locker and left luggage

Shore support is not meant to take away tasks that Captains and crew could do themselves. It is merely a means at their disposal to get things done more effectively / efficiently.

SYS is there for Captains to use as & when they find the need to do so, to improve productivity, save cost, or just as a source for local knowledge.



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